Dog Tumors Gone

Kona the dog after a Purebioenergy Healing Group

//Dog Tumors Gone

Without surgery 10 tumors disappear on a 14 year old dog using PureBioenergy healing.

In April of 2014 I participated in and hosted on my property a PureBioenergy Healing Group  led by certified therapist Elizabeth Bell. As we gathered, my dog Kona was around but not particularly interested in what we were doing, until Elizabeth began working on the first client. Kona would come up and poke his nose into where her hands were and would not leave her or the person receiving the energy alone. He had to be in the middle of it the whole time, he would just not leave us. We were all amused at how interested he was in what was going on.

Initially I didn’t even think about PureBioenergy healing for Kona, but since he was all over Elizabeth and would not leave her alone to do the healings, we began to talk about him and I began to share details about him and his ailments.

“He was covered in tumors, I mean covered.”

Kona has been with us since he was born, my oldest son helped deliver him and he was the runt of the litter. He grew to be the largest of all of the pups! He’s been such a huge part of our family ever since.

I mentioned to Elizabeth and the group that he was extremely old (much older than a dog of his size and breed typically lives) and suffered from severe arthritis and senility, as well as tumors all over his body. He was covered in tumors, I mean covered. I had counted 11 tumors on him at that time.

I said that we were very worried we were going to lose him because we had noticed a steep decline in his health and mobility, particularly since December of that year when he stopped being able to go up and down the stairs to sleep with us at night, which was traumatic for all of us. He stopped going outside unless prompted by one of us. He stopped jumping up on the couch, he struggled to get up from his doggie bed, and just stopped moving around as much as he could before.

“He was a puppy again.”

Elizabeth offered to work on Kona while there, so he received therapy beginning the first day. While she worked on him Kona became very still and then laid down on his side and sprawled out on the floor in front of us. It was amazing. He seemed to understand what was going on, and even made movements as if he were trying to communicate with her while she was treating him.

After she worked on him that first day, shortly after Elizabeth left, Kona started running around! He ran outside and inside like he was a puppy again, grabbing toys and running back and forth and wanting to play. He was so happy, it was incredible. It was unbelievable. Kona continued to receive therapy with the group each day. On day four right as the therapy was beginning, to our surprise Kona came over and jumped up on the couch to sit with some of the women in the group!

“Where are all of Kona’s tumors, did he have surgery?”

I was happy that Kona had regained some of his youthful spirit and that his pain was eased as part of the therapy. I didn’t even think to feel his tumors.

About a week later, my oldest son came to visit and immediately went over to hug Kona. I was in the other room when I hear ‘Mom, where are all of Kona’s tumors, did he have surgery?’ I came in the room and he had felt Kona from the tip of his nose all the way down his body. I felt Kona up and down, looked at my son and said ‘Oh my God. Elizabeth worked on him a week ago. My son looked back at me with tears in his eyes and we both just started crying.

Kona went from having 11 tumors down to only one, that had shrunk to half the size of what it was before.

Ten tumors gone using Pure Bioenergy healing for animals.

This awesome testimonial is from Kona’s Owner, Tracy Kelly. Kona is 14 years old.

Elizabeth Bell is a certified Purebioenergy Therapist trained by Zoran Hochstatter. Elizabeth lives and practices Purebioenergy, helping people and animals alike, in Redondo Beach, CA