Knowing PureBioenergy is like riding a bicycle – once you learn it you never forget how to do it. You always have it, literally, at your fingertips, to help your family, friends and clients. Its a skill that you learn and the best part is that it WORKS.

“The renowned father of medicine, Hippocrates, described bioenergy as the “force” which flows through many peoples hands”.

This course teaches you how to effectively use this innate power.

You will leave the Level One training with ALL the knowledge and skills needed to practice PureBioenergy. When practiced as taught students experience reliable, impressive results right away and grow energetically stronger with every treatment.

Not all energy healing is the SAME.

All energy healing modalities use the same energy.

The difference in effectiveness is in the way that it is applied.

The SUCCESS of authentic PureBioenergy lies in its structure and simplicity.


By following these specific step by step protocols a PureBioenergy therapist knows what to do. There is no guess work or waiting to feel a sensation or wondering what to do next. Because of this a PureBioenergy therapist works from a place of confidence, eliminating all doubt.

You learn how to “step away” and let the intelligence of the energy do the work.

You do not use their own energy and do not get drained or tired doing therapy.

You as a practitioner are a conduit of energy, thus affected by the energy as well and if you have certain problems, they will be corrected by your work with bioenergy, too.

Since you are constantly learning from working with bioenergy you will become ever more powerful with practice and with the joy of learning.