Think About it - a dvd about Bioenergy healing

Explores an innovative solution for healthcare by introducing and examining the effects, results and the future of bio energy healing.

Although bioenergy still cannot be defined, this film demystifies the “miracle” of energy healing, showing that curing a serious illness, can be an innate ability which lies dormant in each one of us. THINK ABOUT IT, counterbalances this seemingly esoteric subject with a thoughtful, straight forward treatment of real-life experiences and impressions of patients, cutting edge scientists, medical doctors, bioenergy students and healers.

Filled with insight about a new and unusual way of perceiving and understanding healing, THINK ABOUT IT invites the viewer to contemplate and reassess their own beliefs about health and medicine.

This Independent TV documentary made by Zoran Hochstatter and Stephanie Cote features insights and results of Bioenergy healing, along with leading scientists such as Dean Radin and Marilyn Schlitz from the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

“…viewing the video seems to be a ‘treatment’ in itself.”

“I have watch this film over a dozen times and come away with something new each time”

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