Just wanted to let you (Zoran) know the results of my most recent MRI. I had an appointment with my neurologist yesterday and the results of my MRI showed that 6 Lesions in my brain have completely DISAPPEARED!!!!!! The Dr. says “whatever you are doing, keep doing it!” Thank you for doing this awesome work!!!
Woman with MS
I’ve just had an incredible result. A woman I treated distance for breast cancer, is cancer free. Her doctor watched the tumor shrink, asked what she did and she gave him my card. I did only two 4 day sessions, one, only days after she was diagnosed and the other about 6 weeks later when he told her there was just a tiny bit left. Very exciting.
Level 2 Therapist
You see the people coming in wheelchairs, unable to move, numb, frozen in their illness, and suddenly a day or two later you see a limb moving, a hand raising, and what is more important is you see how the healing is awakening in them.
Healing event participant