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Practitioners of other complementary methods, medical professionals, devoted family members, veterinarians, caregivers, sports therapists, physiotherapist and absolutely anyone interested in health.
It is highly structured. It has a simple “recipe” ( protocol ) for helping any illness or health condition. You will never have to guess whether you are doing it right or long enough. There is no need for special breathing, visualization, meditation, symbols, initiations, secret codes, crystals, etc.
Absolutely. In the first seminar you will learn all the techniques to practice the method and you will have measurable results from the very beginning. Learn more about Level 1.
Yes. It is taught in the Level 2 seminar.
No, but when you are practicing the therapy on someone else, you are a conduit for the bioenergy and you are also receiving benefits of the energy, (information), flowing through you.
Yes, there is a specific protocol for wellness and it is beneficial for everyone to receive a treatment 3 – 4 times a year.
Yes, each student has active and continuing personal support for questions about the therapy and protocols through email and our private online student forum.
To become certified you must complete Level 1 and Level 2 and then apply for the PureBioenergy PRO. Read more about it here
In order to keep the energy flowing in the correct direction (from therapist to client) PureBioenery therapists do NOT energetically scan the body (scanning searches for the information of illness). Since we are not medical doctors we do not diagnose.
Yes. One full treatment of PureBioenergy is four consecutive days.
The four days are considered one complete treatment and sometimes this is all a person needs. If more is needed the treatment can be repeated. Some conditions will just disappear and some will need a follow up. The body does the healing, all people are different, thus we cannot tell how much each person may actually need.
This is between the client and their doctor. We do not interfere with medicine in any way.
Sometimes it takes awhile for the energy/information to reach a person on the non-conscious level and cause all the physiological changes that are necessary to feel better. The physical body can need time to catch up with the energy body.
The information that comes with this energy reaches a person wherever it is necessary and sometimes this causes an emotional release, which is part of the healing process.
We cannot comment on decisions, which involve medical procedures. We are not practicing medicine and we strictly address the body’s self-healing potential.