PureBioenergy Desert Retreat

Four days of Wondrous Healing and Immersive Level One Training at the

Joshua Tree Desert Retreat Center

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“A new vision for my own health and that of others – globally – a new vision for healing the planet”

“I felt supported and cared for. I very much felt guided through the process…”

“Zoran is one of the finest teachers I’ve ever had the honor to be a student of…the people I met at this retreat were amazing, I love them all. My Level 1 training experience was unforgettable…

Learn and Feel PureBioenergy Healing in an all Encompassing Way – as a Desert Retreat! 

Clients and students will have the opportunity to leave work, stress and all the day to day responsibilities behind for the deeply immersive experience of PureBioenergy.

Enjoy 4 days of healing and/or Level One Training led by Zoran Hochstatter in the beautiful desert landscape of Joshua Tree, CA.

The Joshua Tree Retreat and Conference Center is known for it’s architectural charm and the high vibrational and healing energies of the land it rests on, as 17 energy vortices are located on the actual property. The retreat center is designed for ultimate relaxation and healing.

The nature of this retreat and options provided allow you to choose the kind of healing retreat experience you would like to have.

PureBioenergy HEALING in a GROUP

Profound Healing in an Idyllic Setting…

PureBioenergy generates the positive effects of acupuncture, massage, reiki, craniosacral, hypnosis, homeopathy, physical therapy etc. along with allopathic medicine in one simple, safe and highly effective way. 

As an “ALL in ONE” healing modality, PureBioenergy often works when nothing else helps.