Peripheral Neuropathy pain gone A  journey of healing Peripheral Neuropathy using Bioenergy Therapy.

“Two years ago I developed breast cancer and through chemotherapy and radiation and all this was very harmful for me and was a very bad experience where I lost my hair, I had no energy and I developed something called Peripheral Neuropathy as one of the side effects from chemotherapy. I’ve been on painkillers since then and I’ve been told that it could last 3 months, 6 months, a year and some people told me that I may live with this for the rest of my life.

Because the experience with chemo was a nightmare for me, I accidentally found, on youtube a video about this bioenergy healing, and I was thinking I should try this.

When I came to Level one in Florida, my first concern was actually not the neuropathy, but fear because I was still feeling pinching and pain in my right breast, even though I was told I was cancer free I was still feeling pain.

After attending the first day and the second day I was feeling that my neuropathy, was fading very fast.

Although I was on painkillers, 50mg Tramadol daily, I felt now that I did not need the drugs anymore. I could sleep peacefully without having burning and stinging sensations in my fingertips and toes, and I was feeling much better.

And honestly since then I have not taken painkillers even though I was taking them daily before. And to go from taking painkillers daily to not taking them at all is an amazing result for me.

After the seminar was over I was feeling happy when before I was depressed and tense. I got my energy back and I was known for being very energetic and moving a lot, walking a lot but after my illness I was very lethargic and didn’t feel like doing anything.

Now I’m moving again, I’m gardening, I’m happy and I wish everyone could experience this.

It’s amazing what Zoran was saying about this energy how it’s always there in the universe and we just didn’t know how to use it. Using this energy is awesome because it’s smooth, there’s no side effects, and you don’t have to stay on painkillers. This therapy is medicine free and I keep saying that it