PureBioenergy Makes Healing an integrated part of Family Life.

Bioenergy Healing for kidsMy family first tried Bioenergy healing almost a year and a half ago and experienced deep and profound changes in our health.    In just two rounds of distance therapy, my intensely immune compromised son showed clear improvement in his lab work, energy levels, and anxiety.   During my sessions, my thyroid function and a fifteen year old injury in my neck improved.    Encouraged by what we experienced, I went to learn to do this therapy myself.    A year later, our health is better than it has been over the course of my son’s entire short life and mine is better than when I was a child.

Learning to provide this form of pure energy therapy for my own family, and later for other families, changed how we think about health and illness.  We feel empowered to help our bodies heal in the face of everything from serious diseases like cancer or autoimmune conditions, to the more average illnesses of childhood like measles or whooping cough.

Any family that learns this method has the potential to experience deep and lasting changes in their health.

Our Health Keeps Improving.

In the year of providing this therapy to my own family, and receiving it myself, we keep seeing improvements in our health.   My son’s health issues all revolved around his severely compromised immune system, massive gut inflammation, serious and moderate food allergies, and bouts of lost coordination that caused him to stagger sideways when he ran.   Anxiety, low physical stamina, and borderline anemia were some of his lesser issues.

For the first 18 months of his life, we had seen a number of specialists who told us to expect a lifetime of regular antibiotics, probably overall worsening of his health, and lingering illnesses.  Even after working with doctors who understood his issues, the best we had attained was a fragile kind of stability easily set back by a new food, cold, or even the normal stresses of a toddler.

After learning Bioenergy Healing and providing therapy whenever he seemed to need it, he is now within the normal range on all of his blood test results, has the same stamina as any other preschooler, and can catch a cold and recover without issue.  Shrimp and peanut allergies are gone, other allergy reactions are reduced, and he hasn’t lost coordination since the first round of therapy.

My own health improved so much I no longer ne