PureBioenergy Provides ‘All In One’ Solution so You Can Heal Your Horse

When it comes to helping horses heal, alleviate pain and recover from illness, unfortunately there are many instances where nothing can be medically done for the animal and they are either left to live out their lives suffering, or sometimes even have to be put down prematurely. Each scenario is heartbreaking for the humans that love and care for their horses. For these reasons, more and more horse owners, trainers, riders, animal therapists and veterinarians alike continue to seek holistic methods of healing to address both common and not so common horse ailments.

PureBioenergy Therapy is gaining popularity in the equestrian world with its efficacy, speed of healing and incredible results. This non-invasive healing modality with structured protocols is able to produce the effects of acupressure, massage, craniosacral and traditional medicine all rolled into one. PureBioenergy can deliver results for ailing horses when nothing else can help.

A Horse Owner Finds the Ultimate Healing Solution…

Mary Jellerson of Huntington Beach discovered PureBioenergy Healing after trying other healing methods with her horse, Monte. She began seeking alternative methods of healing years ago when she noticed that a cut on Monte’s foot had formed a scar above his hoof and it began to crack the outer wall. This was a critical, painful injury for Monte that could cause his hoof to crumble at any time and he would have to be put down. The doctors said there was no treatment for this and nothing they could do.

“Horse’s feet in general are so crucial to a horse’s livelihood and well being” says Mary, who began riding at age 3 and loves horses with a passion. “I see other horses walk around in such pain all the time and their owners don’t know what to do about it. The reason I kept looking for a solution for Monte is because I will never accept the final answer for his pain as just ‘Live with it’. I knew there had to be something to help Monte, I just had to find it. He gets the best I can possibly find, whatever he needs.”

Mary gave Monte arnica in an attempt to diminish the scar area; she tried special shoes, creams, bodywork and massage to keep blood flow to the hoof, acupressure and rei