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The Difference PureBioenergy Healing Can Make for Your Horse

//The Difference PureBioenergy Healing Can Make for Your Horse

PureBioenergy Provides ‘All In One’ Solution so You Can Heal Your Horse

When it comes to helping horses heal, alleviate pain and recover from illness, unfortunately there are many instances where nothing can be medically done for the animal and they are either left to live out their lives suffering, or sometimes even have to be put down prematurely. Each scenario is heartbreaking for the humans that love and care for their horses. For these reasons, more and more horse owners, trainers, riders, animal therapists and veterinarians alike continue to seek holistic methods of healing to address both common and not so common horse ailments.

PureBioenergy Therapy is gaining popularity in the equestrian world with its efficacy, speed of healing and incredible results. This non-invasive healing modality with structured protocols is able to produce the effects of acupressure, massage, craniosacral and traditional medicine all rolled into one. PureBioenergy can deliver results for ailing horses when nothing else can help.

A Horse Owner Finds the Ultimate Healing Solution…

Mary Jellerson of Huntington Beach discovered PureBioenergy Healing after trying other healing methods with her horse, Monte. She began seeking alternative methods of healing years ago when she noticed that a cut on Monte’s foot had formed a scar above his hoof and it began to crack the outer wall. This was a critical, painful injury for Monte that could cause his hoof to crumble at any time and he would have to be put down. The doctors said there was no treatment for this and nothing they could do.

“Horse’s feet in general are so crucial to a horse’s livelihood and well being” says Mary, who began riding at age 3 and loves horses with a passion. “I see other horses walk around in such pain all the time and their owners don’t know what to do about it. The reason I kept looking for a solution for Monte is because I will never accept the final answer for his pain as just ‘Live with it’. I knew there had to be something to help Monte, I just had to find it. He gets the best I can possibly find, whatever he needs.”

Mary gave Monte arnica in an attempt to diminish the scar area; she tried special shoes, creams, bodywork and massage to keep blood flow to the hoof, acupressure and reiki; with no results. She then learned about PureBioenergy through a friend, and called on Tiffany Jorgensen to come and work on Monte using PureBioenergy. Mary describes the first day of treatment Monte received:

“I instantly felt and saw a difference in Monte even during the first day. I watched as he reacted to what she was doing and I sensed relief from him. Monte is a very smart and busy horse that gets into everything – he’s a handful, and he doesn’t relax well. When Tiffany worked on him he would drop his head and go into this deeply relaxed state. It was clear to me that something very different was happening.”

After seeing improvements in Monte after just one treatment with PureBioenergy, Mary decided to learn the method so she could continue treatments with him. With a series of PureBioenergy treatments the crack in Monte’s hoof grew out and the scar reduced in size to the point where it no longer posed a threat whatsoever.

Mary explains that “The danger of a quarter crack on the foot is that it is exposed and can get infected – Monte had done something to make it bleed one time at the hairline which was scary because that was the part of the hoof that would crumble – the scar is almost completely gone now but the crack no longer goes through the outer wall. It’s incredible, this is something that would not have healed on it’s own and would have otherwise continued to get worse. Monte’s Farrier was also amazed to see this healing result.”

Mary has gone on to practice PureBioenergy on Monte and her other horses, her friend’s horses, and even local and government mounted officials horses. What she loves most about PureBioenergy is,

“Not only does PureBioenergy treat the body but it also treats the mind of the horse – helps the spirit of the animal, you see the difference in the animal and they look at you as if to say ‘Oh my God I needed this!’ They are working animals and they all have aches and pains; when they can relax their brain their body also relaxes so the aches and pains are released and they release the tension in their bodies. When Monte hurts, he shows me, he points to the area where he wants me to work on him. My horses take care of me and I want to take care of them and PureBioenergy has allowed me to do that for them.”

PureBioenergy Provides ‘All In One’ Solution so You Can Heal Your Horse

Energy healing for horsesPureBioenergy is a gentle, non invasive, safe and proven method that effectively addresses a wide range of conditions for horses. It is a powerful form of energy healing that utilizes laying of hands on and around the body: accessing and working with the biofield on a quantum level using specific protocols, we can help heal horses mentally, physically and emotionally to impart meaningful and lasting results. PureBioenergy Therapy restores the immune system to its most efficient healing state, provides information to the body to speed up healing and recovery time, provides pain relief and restores blood flow for faster healing.

Incredible in its simplicity, this modality provides the benefits of acupressure, massage, craniosacral therapy and traditional medicine combined in an easy to learn, easy to use ‘all in one’ solution that requires,

* NO needles

* NOthing for the horse to ingest

* NO physical manipulation of bones or muscles,

And provides the individual with a method that is…

* Sustainable and inexpensive

* Easy to learn with no previous knowledge or experience necessary

* Easy to use (not strenuous or tiring on the therapist’s body or mind)

The method does not require any physical exertion on the part of the therapist or the client; it is enjoyable for the human to use this method and horses love to receive it!

An Equine Energy Therapist Sees Results With PureBioenergy

Tiffany Jorgensen of Laguna Niguel, CA grew up loving horses and spent her childhood immersed in riding and being at the stable with her equine friends. At the age of 16 instead of buying a car, she chose instead to buy a horse. From teaching children to ride horses in her twenties, to working with horse trainers, to competing as a hunter/jumper, Tiffany’s love of horses and riding stayed with her into adulthood, until her own physical injury led her to an unexpected new course of direction.

“I was totally into western medicine at the time, I hurt my back, had a leaky disc that caused sciatica and it was incredibly painful. Physical therapy made it worse, medication didn’t help, nothing helped, and after exhausting all of their options the doctors told me there was nothing more they could do for me.’

This led Tiffany to explore holistic methods of energy healing that resulted in alleviating 80% of her debilitating pain in the first visit, and she went on to make a full recovery. It was then that she decided to learn holistic methods of healing that could be applied to horses and dedicated herself to therapy practice for horses in 2007. Tiffany went on to become an Equine Massage Practitioner, and over time trained in other modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy and Acupressure to strengthen her technique. Then she discovered a new method of energy healing, a modality called PureBioenergy.

“Learning PureBioenergy was a turning point for my work because I can help any situation with it, no matter what it is, even unknowns, I can still assist and it will help the issues with the animal, even if you can’t pinpoint what the issues are through the veterinarian. With other methods I would get sick, and that doesn’t happen with PureBioenergy.”

Tiffany feels horses respond to energy healing so well because,

“Horses don’t have all the hang ups we (humans) do – they just take what they need and they use it. When I’m working on a horse with energy therapy, there is no resistance. They aren’t scared of the process, they don’t fight the process, they just allow it to happen, they process what comes up and they let it go. They actually show me while I’m working with them where they need the energy. This is the world they live in and understand, and we are just beginning to understand that.”

Tiffany has used PureBioenergy to successfully treat chronic pain, short term and long term injuries, colic, sore feet and hoof issues, lameness, inflammation, digestive and stomach disorders, stress behaviors, mood disorders, anxiety for the skittish or anxious horse, muscle soreness, arthritis, keeping them sound, and general malaise or mystery illness…

She shares some highlights:  “One Horse I worked with was kicked in the head by another horse, and was badly injured. His face was affected, his eyes looked crooked, he couldn’t breathe out of one nostril, his bone structure was not symmetrical. After just one round of PureBioenergy treatment (four days) his bones were symmetrical, his eyes were no longer crooked, he was able to breathe out the nostril again – it was amazing.

Before and after energy healing for horses

My own horse was a rescue and had strange behaviors, we think that she and her siblings may have been neglected and abused. She acted very traumatized and since I’ve been working on her she has become more relaxed, more focused, less jumpy and an overall calmer horse. It’s also really strengthened my bond with her, both emotionally and physically with ground work and riding, we are more in tune now.”

Teacher of PureBioenergy Develops Healing Protocols Specifically for Horses

Zoran Hochstätter is widely known as an expert, innovator and advocate of bioenergy healing and is the key educator behind PureBioenergy. His passion, integrity and straightforward, no-nonsense approach to teaching and healing with PureBioenergy therapy makes this method accessible to everyone, regardless of background, experience or history as a healer. While his teaching and sharing of this method was primarily aimed towards healing humans, soon he became sought after by horse owners to provide healing for their horses, and began to attract many students who were seeking further teachings on how to apply this method to horses. Zoran saw a great need to introduce this healing process to the equestrian community.

He says, “Horses are different from humans in that it is much easier for horses to accept healing. They are not conditioned like we are. They are more honest. They instinctively know and willingly embrace what makes them feel better. Horses are highly intuitive and sensitive animals who easily respond to PureBioenergy and as a therapist it is incredibly rewarding and a joy to work with them.”

Based on his personal experience healing horses with PureBioenergy, Zoran has developed protocols and techniques specifically for horses. Treating horses with PureBioenergy is unique and requires a different approach than treating humans and smaller animals.

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Article written by Elizabeth Bell

DISCLAIMER: PureBioenergy, is not medicine as we know it but a highly effective complementary treatment for restoring well-being, whether the health problem be serious or simple. It is NOT a replacement for conventional medical treatment offered by physicians and veterinarians. PureBioenergy practitioner does not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder. As such, PureBioenergy practitioner does not prescribe or advise about any medical treatment or condition. Always consult with your doctor or veterinarian about any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before adjusting any medication or course of treatment.