One of the best aspects of the PureBioenergy is that everyone can learn it and every student sees for themselves the amazing results that are experienced after Level One – the power of long distance and group after Level 2 so WHY Certification?

Certification is for those of you who are interested and dedicated in practicing PureBioenergy on a very serious professional level and have decided that this is THE method for you.

  • It resonates beyond any other modalities you may have learned and you want to commit to make this your primary healing work.
  • You find joy in the practice and believe in using a high standard of integrity within your practice and business.
  • You may want to work in a large group clinic and Certification gives you the experience needed to lead a sizable group with confidence.

Certification is the highest level of recognition for competency, experience, professionalism and integrity for practitioners of PureBioenergy throughout the world.

PureBioenergy PRO offers extensive personal training on a one on one basis and during group healing events where you will work side by side with Zoran Hochstatter and his team, sharing the experiences and insights of a large group healing event.

Certification is a mentorship – giving each student the individual and personal attention needed to fortify and support all the aspects of PureBioenergy on the highest level of practice.

Certified students are part of a supported circle of highly committed PureBioenergy therapists who want to work together to promote and practice the method.

As an integral part of the growing Purebioenergy community and network certified practitioners are listed on the PureBioenergy website and are included in our PR – Facebook, newsletters  etc, have use of PureBioenergy printed materials etc and are invited to participate in special project healing events and documentation.

All certified Practitioners are offered the possibility to establish a Bioenergy Life Center.

Certification is subject to review of the authenticity of your practice, results and the integrity of your business ethics.

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