PureBioenergy is not medicine, as we know it.

On the quantum level the information of health is contained in this energy…making every illness curable…

Because of this it can help any condition, (simple or serious) from Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Asthma or Stroke to a simple backache, as it empowers the body’s own immune system to function at its best.

In fact, one of the method’s many fortes is to help improve health conditions that are deemed “ incurable” by modern medicine in a safe and totally natural way. Thus avoiding debilitating side effects, pain of invasive procedures and in some countries the burden of extreme medical costs.

“A client came to me with Diabetes and its consequences. He had been diabetic for the last 20 years, having to regulate his blood sugar level with twice-daily insulin injections for the last 2 years. I used the diabetes protocol on him for 4 days…Over the 2 weeks following bioenergy therapy, his blood sugar level slowly stabilized, and leveled off at normal! He no longer needed his injections, but still monitored himself just to make sure.”

The method is also very effective used along side of western medicine.

“ We don’t open veins and we don’t set bones but are able to offer support to the natural phase of healing during recovery”

In terms of collaborating with allopathic medicine the method helps speed the recovery process after surgery and can greatly minimize the side effects of chemotherapy.

A Chemo story – nausea and pain gone

P (who had ovarian cancer; the tumors had been removed but the chemo treatment was ongoing) had chemo in the morning – she said felt very sick from the chemo and her complexion was very off color. She said she could not keep down even a cup of tea or a slice of toast. When I did the head warming P reported that the nausea subsided; by the time we finished she said she had no nausea, she said she was looking forward to something to eat when she got home. I was surprised at how quickly the nausea had subsided and her complexion looked much more ‘in the pink’.  When P attended on the third day she said that she had no pains today, and explained that normally she would have pains and would not be able to eat.  P was virtually nausea free which she said is a vast improvement from previous times when she had had chemo.
From our student in Ireland

Practiced in a group, in person, or at the distance there is no condition, physical or emotional, in which it would not be beneficial to have a Bioenergy treatment.

See our videos and testimonial page for more remarkable results.

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