What is a BIOFIELD?

Science has come to understand that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules; but is composed of energy fields vibrating, refreshing and exchanging information within and around the body.

Your biofield is an energy picture of your physical body. It is alive with information to regulate all your biological functions.

Any alteration to your biofield can influence the cellular, molecular, atomic and even subatomic aspects of your health.

Stress, physical and emotional trauma, our environment, and even thoughts can create imbalances in your biofield. Actually all internal and external stimuli which have frequencies of their own can influence the biofield and in turn can generate emotional, mental, and physical symptoms.

The biofield, containing all the information of your immune system, works as the body’s defense system –  just as a city would not be defended from within but from the outskirts.

Any imbalance first appears in your biofield, which later can develop as an illness in the physical body.

When a lack of bioenergy becomes too great or incoherent your defense system collapses and you become ill at your weakest point.

You are healthy when the energy potential of your biofield is perfectly ordered and balanced thus vibrating at its optimum frequency.

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