ADHD, asthma and autism to infantile epilepsy, PureBioenergy practiced by Parents or Practitioners can help children of all ages.

Whether practiced at home or in a clinic, children are naturally very receptive to Bioenergy healing. A child’s mind (and body) effortlessly acknowledges Bioenergy and receives the maximum benefits of PureBioenergy.

The strong belief system permeating the adult world that- modern medicine is the only way to cure an illness has not yet set itself in stone in the child’s mind. Children are lucky to not yet be jaded by skeptics or confined by ego and intellectualism. They are not limited by doubt.

Children want to feel better with a process that is gentle, painless even fun and are open to this actually being a possibility.

Often parents find PureBioenergy when they too want another path other than the one of “pills “for ADHD or “rods” for scoliosis or a verdict that there is nothing else that can be done.

Read how Bioenergy helps children with PANDAS/PANS.

Read how PureBioenergy Makes Healing an integrated part of Family Life.  REAL help for kids with allergies, autism, asthma…a Mom’s DIY story.

B’s story

Doctors do know what this young girl’s diagnosis is – although completely healthy at birth now 12 she cannot talk hear and has a lack of motor skills.

My daughter’s speech therapist stopped me the other day in school and was all excited about how she cooperated with her for 45 minutes. She answered everything correctly (pointed to pictures) and even said a word. Her agitation was gone as well a week after treatment.


Helping a child burdened with asthma breathe easier, an autistic boy communicate better or seeing leukemia disappear by using the simple knowledge of PureBioenergy.

“After day three of treating an autistic lad (3 years old) he hugged his sister for the first time. Amazing!!!!! ”

” Yeah..No more inhaler.”

“A little girl with leukemia came for one  – 4 day treatment and tests a month after showed she was free of it…”

LEARN the method to help your family and friends, benefit from self-growth and/or begin a new vocation healing with PureBioenergy.