Why Become a PureBioenergy therapist?

You seek a more effective way to help your present clients by

  • Quicker and more consistent results.
  • Offering a safe, non-invasive, sustainable (Green) option for healing
  • You have a desire to help people and are looking for the best complementary/ alternative healing modality that is easy to learn and practice and is also highly successful.


The method has a track record of proven results for helping serious and simple health conditions.

Since the method helps all health conditions (emotional and physical) you are able to help a wide range of clients of all ages.

From a student who was a practicing psychologist and is now a PureBioenergy therapist.

“The heart patient I told you about suffered from left ventricular cardio myopathy. Her pumping capacity was at 32% or 33% and she was told that, very rarely, the medication she was on would help someone increase it slightly and there was nothing much that could be done for her.

She was told that she could not travel, as the risk of heart failure was too great. She has 6 doctors attending to her. One of them a doctor of Chinese medicine who told her that all the work he did with her was expected to increase her pumping capacity a couple of percentage points.

We have worked together a few months, at first sessions every 10 days and then with longer intervals. Her pumping capacity is up to 45%. She is again able to travel.

Her doctors say that this is unheard of and that if she continues to improve, they may have to change her diagnosis. She is aiming for 50% or 55% –

Update – she is now at 50%.”

After Level two you will be able to use the power of long distance and the benefits and satisfaction of working in a Group with fellow therapists.

All dedicated PureBioenergy therapists practice the method in the same way creating a consistency of results thus therapists can easily work together. (as in group)

“It was effortless, we worked together like a well-oiled machine and a client commented to us that she could feel our energies totally meshed and working in synchrony and because the method is so simple it just flowed, it just worked.”

With each client you will become energetically stronger as a therapist and also experience your own self-growth.

“I always enjoyed doing this not just for the changes I see happen, but more because it gives rise to this very natural joy that comes up inside.”

PureBioenergy Therapists do not get tired or feel drained when they work. You do not use your own energy and in fact you will become more energized from your practice.

“I’ve noticed over the course of the four days that I’ve been working here (in a group) that I’ve actually felt better, I woke up today feeling absolutely fantastic and I think that’s a testament to the method, just in working with it it’s almost therapy for the therapist.”

You do not need any special machines, costly equipment or even a massage table to begin your practice. (a Chiropractic table can cost over $10,000 not to mention the cost of years of training)

To practice the method there is no need for special breathing, visualization, symbols, attunements, reconnection, secret codes, crystals, qi gong, medical knowledge etc.

Our students include:

Nurses, Doctors of all kinds, nutritionists, chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga teachers, Physiotherapists, sports therapists, psychologists, life coaches, reiki masters energy medicine practitioners, homeopaths, professional caregivers, special needs teachers, speech therapists, hospice workers… to name a few.

Level one is a path to a new vocation as PureBioenergy practitioner.

“I have been in the healing field for over 8 years and never have I done so much
in so little time.”

LEARN the method to help your family and friends, benefit from self-growth and/or begin a new vocation healing with PureBioenergy.