About Zoran Hochstatter

Zoran Hochstatter

A specialist in bioenergy therapy, Zoran is the official teacher of PureBioenergy, a powerful way of energy healing without any cultural, political, religious, ritualistic or medical additives.

Since 2007 Zoran has taught hundreds in Bioenergy Healing seminars in the USA, Canada, UK and is founder of the Bioenergy Life Center.

Zoran offers all the levels of practical training to become a certified PureBioenergy practitioner.

As a highly experienced Bioenergy therapist,  Zoran helps people around the world by giving in person, long distance therapy or through his Bioenergy Life Center Group healing events.

What students say

I understand why you ( Zoran) have devoted your life to Bioenergy Therapy; it has certainly changed my life. I am forever in a state of gratitude for the gift, honor and opportunity to have learned this amazing technique. You are a great instructor and your seemingly…tireless dedication to all of us is so greatly appreciated.
I particularly appreciated your humor and the obvious integrity you demonstrated in teaching the method.
I have never been so energized after a seminar! Every moment was engaging and revitalizing. Thank you for the life changing seminar.

A Brief History

Think About it a healing documnetary -DVDIn 2004

Filmmakers Zoran Hochstatter and Stephanie Cote directed and produced the independent film, THINK ABOUT IT –a healing documentary shown on national TV stations throughout Europe. Their groundbreaking film about energy healing featured Zdenko Domancic along with cutting edge leading scientists and experts on human consciousness, including Dean Radin, author of “The Conscious Universe” and “Entangled Minds”.

Focusing on a solution, rather than a problem, Think About it created a strong positive reaction on European national TV and on the Internet, stirring an incredible interest in energy modalities worldwide.

To watch Think About It CLICK HERE.

The documentary, along with influencing the lives of many of its viewers, dramatically affected Zoran’s and Stephanie’s life path. Zoran changed from being an award winning cinematographer to a highly effective energy healer.

Instructor Diploma granted by Zdenko Domancic

Instructor Diploma granted by Zdenko Domancic

Zoran Hochstatter teaches a London Domancic Method seminarIn 2006

After being personally mentored by Mr Domancic, Zoran was entrusted to be the spokesperson and the only teacher of the Method the in USA, UK and Canada.

In 2007

Zoran introduced the Domancic method to the USA, Canada and the UK. The first seminars were held in Los Angeles and then spread across the US and to Canada and London. Since then Zoran has trained hundreds of students to help their loved ones and/or to become serious practitioners of bioenergy healing.

What is a Healing Event?