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What is a PureBioenergist?

Accessing Infinite Healing Potential

The work of the Purebioenergist is practicing a skill that transmits the correct “bioenergetic information” to a biofield/immune system so it can do its natural job  – HEAL the body.

Illness as Energy

Illness has been called many things in many cultures, entities or blockages or some horrible past life left over experience, a curse, alien implants, a sin and by modern medicine a tumor or autism but it doesn’t really matter what it is called – it’s all bioenergetic information/potential. 

A PureBioenergist knows how to accesses the infinite healing potential of the information found in Bioenergy.

These coherent intelligent frequencies naturally enhance all the functions of the body in need of help.

“Whether Bioenergy is a wave interference on the quantum level or just a concept, the important thing is that we can access it and use it for healing.” – Zoran Hochstatter

A PureBioenergist does not interpret, scan or diagnose, does not judge or predict.

They simply transmit the healing information found in bioenergy ( Life itself ) to another person’s biofield and this cascades into physical/emotional/quantum changes in the real body. 

Using the Frequency of Health

PureBioenergy healing initiates a flow of needed life force which in turn “jump starts” a weakened/ incoherent Biofield (immune system). From then on the body has enough of and the correct energetic potential to heal itself.

What the body does the body can undo.

Learn more about the importance of your Biofield HERE

PureBioenergy® can create the healing effects of Acupuncture, massage, Reiki, craniosacral, Hypnosis, Homeopathy, Chiro and traditional medicine all rolled into one. As an “all in one” healing modality, PureBioenergy often works when nothing else helps.