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  • PureBioenergy healing horses

The Difference PureBioenergy Healing Can Make for Your Horse

PureBioenergy Provides ‘All In One' Solution so You Can Heal Your Horse When it comes to helping horses heal, alleviate pain and recover from illness, unfortunately there are many instances where nothing can be medically done for the animal and they are either left to live out their lives suffering, or sometimes even have [...]

  • Helping children with autism

Helping Autism – better sleep, eye contact, more sociable

“when you’re happy and you know it” - a grandmother helps her autistic granddaughter by using PureBioenergy. "I continue to be amazed and dazzled by the changes in her." I would like to share my experience helping autism with my 3 years old grand- daughter which has been truly remarkable! I observed incredible changes [...]


Peripheral Neuropathy from Chemo GONE with Bioenergy Healing

A  journey of healing Peripheral Neuropathy using Bioenergy Therapy. "Two years ago I developed breast cancer and through chemotherapy and radiation and all this was very harmful for me and was a very bad experience where I lost my hair, I had no energy and I developed something called Peripheral Neuropathy as one of the side effects [...]

  • frequency of health

What is a PureBioenergist? Accessing Infinite Healing Potential

What is a PureBioenergist? Accessing Infinite Healing Potential The work of the Purebioenergist is practicing a skill that transmits the correct “bioenergetic information" to a biofield/immune system so it can do its natural job  - HEAL the body. Illness as Energy Illness has been called many things in [...]


Bio Energy Therapy brings REAL Relief for PTSD Victims

PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ), is not just a problem for military veterans but also for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and other crimes, along with survivors of severe accidents and acute life-threatening illness. Over the past several months I have had the opportunity to provide PureBioenergy (an energy medicine modality) for many clients, both civilian [...]

  • PureBioenergy healing horses

5 ways PureBioenergy Healing can Empower Every Horse Owner

A few of the many ways you can use PureBioenergy to help HEAL your horse... PureBioenergy Healing for Horses truly empowers horse owners, trainers and vets with a powerful healing modality that they have at their fingertips ( literally ) to use whenever they need, in order to provide both immediate, lasting and positive healing results, that makes for happier, [...]


My dog saved from kidney failure by Bioenergy Healing

HEYBOY story….my 8 year old German Shepherd adopted from an overcrowded rescue facility saved from kidney failure by Bioenergy Healing. Back in October, our dog, HeyBoy got really sick - extreme lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea.  We made an appointment at the vet but had to wait 3 days.  On the night before his appointment, I [...]

  • earache pain relief

New kind of Health Enhancing First-Aid to Comfort Kids at any Time

Immediate Relief from Pain & Discomfort Since attending my level 1 course, I have enjoyed working on my kids to give them immediate relief from pain and discomfort. Son's Headaches Gone I have been able to completely alleviate my son’s headaches in just one session. I have been able to help my daughter with clogged ears/ear congestion, [...]

  • becoming a healer

Life in My Hands; Healing Myself, Healing Others

From teenage mother to soldier to healer…from small town Maine to Iraq to the Pentagon... A journey that led to being healed and then becoming a healer. The new book, "Life in My Hands; Healing Myself, Healing Others" by Darcy Hotchkiss along with PureBioenergy are featured in an award winning blog called womenaroundtown, here is an except from the feature article: “After [...]


Dog Tumors Gone

Without surgery 10 tumors disappear on a 14 year old dog using PureBioenergy healing. In April of 2014 I participated in and hosted on my property a PureBioenergy Healing Group  led by certified therapist Elizabeth Bell. As we gathered, my dog Kona was around but not particularly interested in what we were doing, until Elizabeth [...]


Reverse Sjogren’s syndrome with Bioenergy healing

Son helps his Mom using distance Bioenergy healing. My mother was 85 when I stared to treat her for Sjogren's syndrome. (For the record, the personal reason I took Level 2, was so that I could treat her condition - it is considered to be unrecoverable, and typically the symptoms worsen and make the patient becomes more uncomfortable [...]


BioEnergy Healing Helps Children with PANDAS/PANS

A PureBioenergy therapist's experience - Over the course of the past year, I have provided PureBioenergy for a growing number of children with a PANS or PANDAS diagnosis. Bioenergy healing provides real relief to children and their families during flare ups of the condition, as well as afterwards when they want to take further steps to [...]