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Global Healing Event


Fortify your Immune System.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety.

Build Resilience.

Long Distance Therapy and Group are now ONE

Combining the powerful effects of long-distance therapy and a virtual PureBioenergy healing event provides yet another dimension in the remote healing process by magnifying it through group amplification dynamics.

The group develops its own unique force and the healing effects become stronger.

What people are saying…

The entire world needs this!

“Thank you so much for the PureBioenergy online group healing. I felt great after each session and by the end of day 4 I felt a huge shift in my stress level and anxiety. I wish I could bring all my friends that are going through such a hardship with the current situation, the entire world needs this!”

Just plain bliss.

“Every session has saturated my being with either peace, relief from a particular discord, or just plain bliss”

Soothed, calm, relaxed and completely at peace.

“In the midst of this pandemic, I’ve been feeling a little bit guilty because thanks to you, I’ve really not been at all stressed and actually have been