Learn Distance Healing, Healing in a Group and MORE

One of the best aspects of PureBioenergy Healing is that everyone can learn it and every student sees for themselves the amazing results that are experienced after Level one so why Level 2?

In Level 2 you will learn the flexibility and power of using pure bioenergy healing in different ways.

The Level One seminar is for everyone but another very important function of level one is to be an introduction course for more serious practitioners of PureBioenergy. To train as PureBioenergy therapist you will want to develop the skills for practicing therapy in groups and healing at a distance.

Level two is also for students who want to help family, friends and clients who live far away and for anyone interested in perfecting their techniques and delving deeper into PureBioenergy process of healing.

“After level 1 I came away very different, empowered and excited about my future so wasn’t expecting any change in attending level 2. But, what a change again. I am calm, confident and relish every smile when someone says, “the pain has gone”. I know other members of our class had positive changes too – Amazing. Thank you so much.” from a Level 2 student

Long Distance – Bioenergy healing at a distance (non – local )

In level 2 we will demonstrate the power of using PureBioenergy non-locally. You will see and feel the experience of being affected at a distance and learn how to use bioenergy to help clients or family who live across the world.

“I am amazed at the results with distance healing. I worked with a colleague from London over the last 4 days from Los Angeles. She had several surgeries on her right foot…resulting in nerve damage and numbness. She reported that the numbness was so bad, that sometimes she would remove her shoe and her big toe was bleeding, and she did even know it. After the first day of treatment, she felt feeling in her right foot and was walking flat on her foot for the first time, since the surgery. After the second day, she began to feel a burning sensation in her right foot, like when your foot falls asleep and the blood flow (circulation) come rushing back in. After the last day of treatment, she reported she felt fine. In the words of this patient, “Quite an amazing experience!!” from a Level 2 student

To learn more about long distance see Ways to practice the method

Group – Learn how to lead a group for highly effective energy healing

The quickest and strongest results are often achieved through the implementation of Group Dynamics.

It may not appear obvious but each therapist and each client in the group has a role that tremendously amplifies the healing process for the group as a whole. Working in a group you can influence and use this amplification to benefit your clients.

Learn how to use group dynamics as a:

  • Single practitioner working with a group of clients.
  • Group of practitioners working together within a large group of clients
  • Group Healing Event

A therapist and a participant share their experience and impressions of a GROUP Healing EVENT

The Experience of a Group Healing event - PureBioenergy Healing

Technique/Psychokinesis Review

Besides group and long distance another very important reason for level two is for you to more deeply cement the correct techniques of the therapy. This will create in you an even stronger sense of confidence. You will become more energetically coherent and thus the information of health will flow stronger/purer and greater results will be realized. The “Pipe” will expand.

and MORE

  • Mental Hygiene for therapists
  • Influences which affect our clients and slows heal