Helping Osteoporosis & Bone Density

with PureBioenergy®

Daughter trained in PureBioenergy Therapy helps Mom in many ways – from relieving Rheumatoid Arthritis to Improving Bone Density and more.

Her daughter says, “It’s like her immune system is finding more and more ways to use the energy now that so many of the old painful issues have cleared up.”

Here is their Story:

A mother with borderline bone density issues just found out her most recent bone scan shows “significant improvement” over the last one!

She had done nothing to address this issue but has been having periodic rounds of Purebioenergy healing over the past 9 months from her daughter.

They started by focusing on her Rheumatoid Arthritis, but expanded out to cover some of her additional issues over time.

This feels special for the mother because most of her early rounds were to treat flaring arthritis, bursitis, shingles, joints so deformed they would split the skin if she bent them too much, decades of insomnia, decades of anxiety, overwhelming seasonal allergies, sciatica, back pain, painful tailbone, etc.