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HEALING for Horses

White Stallion Ranch

PureBioenergy Equine Retreat

Experience the gentle power of horses and the healing power of



White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona

Excited to be back again soon!


Enjoy 5 days learning to heal horses with PureBioenergy in the picturesque Saguaro Cactus landscape of White Stallion Ranch.

The nature of this retreat allows the horse lover the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the equine world for in-depth training on both PureBioenergy technique as it applies to horses, as well as Horse Etiquette and Communication; along with a multitude of horse ranch activities and rides to choose from.

For the Beginner or Advanced Healer or Rider

No prerequisite needed

With PureBioenergy Equine Training, all students, whether new to PureBioenergy or previously trained, will learn all of the aspects and nuances that go into utilizing PureBioenergy with horses.

All teachings will be tailored to all experience levels with both horses and PureBioenergy.

Watch a glimpse of the actual training and what our previous equine retreaters have to say…

This Retreat is for YOU if…

  • ….You own a horse, work with horses or just love horses and want to learn how to help heal them

  • ….You are new to PureBioenergy, or have already taken Level 1 and/or Level 2 – this Equine Level 1 teaches different techniques and applications of the modality specific to treating horses with PureBioenergy

  • ….You are a professional horse trainer, horse therapist, horse wrangler or veterinarian who treats horses

  • ….You are a horse novice, but really want to learn how to interact with, communicate and be with horses

  • ….You want to immerse yourself in horse culture on a beautiful ranch with likeminded people for incredible teachings, healing, experience and adventure!

What you will LEARN…

PureBioenergy Training with Zoran Hochstatter

HANDS ON in-depth training using PureBioenergy’s trusted techniques and structured protocols as it applies to horses.

Providing PureBioenergy Therapy to a horse is much different than with humans. Beyond learning the how to’s and the differentials in how this modality is applied to our equine friends, one must also understand that horses are highly intuitive and sensitive animals.

This makes them wonderful healing candidates in that they are very receptive to the powerful energy healing PureBioenergy provides; yet because they are so energetically sensitive and intuitive we must be aware of so much more than technique when working with these majestic beings.

The PureBioenergy Training will include lectures, demos and hands-on practice with horses.

Energy healing for horses

horse icon copy

Learn How To:

  • Connect to the horse; open the biofield.

  • Add energy potential to a horse.

  • Remove excess energy potential from a horse’s biofield.

  • Balance the energy in a specific part of the horse.

  • Enhance a function of an organ or a part of a horse.

  • Enhance the flow of energy through a horse.

  • Use the energy non-locally even when we are next to the horse.

  • Reference a Manual of Protocols for health conditions specifically for horses.

  • And much MORE…

Horse Etiquette and Communication with Special Guest Carol Bachmann

Carol will be working hands-on with our students to teach basics on horse etiquette and instruction on horse communication skills – teachings will be tailored to student’s horse experience. Carol says,

“I do feel one of my main purposes in life is to be a ‘mediator’ between horses and humans…I believe the most important fundamentals in working with them is establishing trust, leadership and communication (learning to communicate to them in their language) – in that order. Without trust there is no relationship, and whatever the goal, there will be a greater success of accomplishments with this bond. Everything is centered around safety for both the horse and human, therefore setting up all situations for ‘success’’

Carol has 40 years of experience working with horses. An accredited Frank Bell instructor, she has served as Head Wrangler for 21 years at multiple ranches in Arizona and Wyoming.

“Horses are different from humans in that it is much easier for horses to accept healing. They are not conditioned like we are. They are more honest.

They instinctively know and willingly embrace what makes them feel better.

Horses are highly intuitive and sensitive animals who easily respond to PureBioenergy and as a therapist, it is incredibly rewarding and a joy to work with them.” – Zoran H.

The Benefits of PureBioenergy

Just as it is with humans, PureBioenergy can (and does) help horses when nothing else can! From abscesses to arthritis, open wounds to vision loss, autoimmune issues to broken bones – PureBioenergy has successfully improved and/or reversed these and many other common afflictions.

  • Increases blood circulation throughout the whole body

  • Increases drainage of the lymph and drainage of lactic acid preventing fatigue (buildup of lactic acid is the prominent cause of fatigue among horses)

  • Movement in the gut is improved

  • Improvement of mental attitude and behavioral issues

  • Enhances athletic performance

  • Relief from strain, stress, and spasm

  • Improvement of flexibility and suppleness

  • Helps digestion and respiration

  • Restores muscles extensibility

  • Speeds up recovery time in injury

  • Relaxes and increases muscle tone

  • Improves range of motion or joint mobility

PureBioenergy Healing for Horses truly empowers horse owners, trainers, equine massage therapists, acupuncturists and holistic horse practitioners with an “ALL in ONE” healing modality that they have at their fingertips (literally) to provide consistent and lasting healing results, that make for happier, healthier horses!

READ a Sampling of PureBioenergy Student Healing RESULTS for HORSES


A True Bucket List Experience

White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, AZ

Stunning Landscape, Open Sky, Trail Rides,

Swimming, Hiking, Delicious Meals

The 3,000 acre property boasts sweeping views of desert and rugged mountains and offers a multitude of riding trails. With one of the largest privately owned herds in Arizona, the ranch can accommodate first-time trailblazers to life-long riders.

Guests are carefully matched with their horse for the duration of their stay, based on riding experience, height, weight and riding ambitions.

The newly renovated rooms are beautifully appointed and perfectly placed for views of the spectacular Arizona sunsets.  Next to the horses in the corrals and conveniently located near our main lodge and dining room, the rooms offer air conditioning, refrigerator, hairdryer, alarm clock, wi-fi, toiletries, bathroom and in room safe. The premium pillow top beds offer a good night’s sleep after hours in the saddle!

White Stallion Ranch has been owned and operated since 1965 by the True family. Today you’ll meet the the third generation of Trues – working side by side in keeping with family tradition, you’ll see them all over the ranch, from wrangling and managing staff to serving breakfast cookouts and grilling your steak for dinner. When you visit the ranch, you’ll find you are truly a guest in their home.

Oh YES, there will be time


Other fun activities included in our Equine Retreat

hay ride smaller

Begin the adventure aboard the hay wagon, decked out with hay bales for seats and powered by a magnificent team of draft horses. You’ll be transported to lunch the old fashioned way, through the desert to our cookout site with Panther Peak as your backdrop. Enjoy “All American” hamburgers and hotdogs cooked over a fragrant Mesquite fire with all the trimmings – Delicious vegetarian options are always available. Enjoy a brief but very entertaining overview of the ranch – past and present – while you soak up the sunshine and fresh desert air.

Fast ride LS 600Slow rides are the best way to see the desert flora and fauna and experience the ecosystem of the Sonoran desert. For those who like a little excitement, loping through the desert on horseback is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. Mountain rides take you up to panoramic views of the 3,000 acre ranch and the miles of farmland beyond. You’ll ride all week and never use the same trail twice!
Penning 600This guest favorite is as much fun as you can have on the back of a horse, it is a total adrenaline rush! You and three teammates ride “Bonanza” style into a herd of cattle in our rodeo arena and separate out three to move to a pen. To up the stakes, this is a timed event, but you are welcome to ride at whatever speed you find most comfortable. It’s all about teamwork, so our wranglers will give you tips and instructions. It’s exciting and challenging, and you will rely on everything you’ve learned about riding – when you finish, you’ll feel like a real cowboy/cowgirl!
Pool LS 600Beautifully renovated in January 2015, our sparkling, heated pool is centrally located and offers a jetted bench seat, spectacular mountain views, a shaded Ramada and plenty of comfortable lounge chairs. The indoor redwood hot tub is the perfect place to soothe tired muscles after a long day in the saddle. The Saguaro Serenity Courtyard, our newest addition to the ranch is an Adults Only patio adjacent to the pool, for quite contemplation and reading. Offering both sun and shade with luxurious seating and lounging options, it is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the ranch.
Tennis 600Enjoy full access to the fitness center, tennis and sport courts, game room and movie theater during your stay. White Stallion Ranch is also home to a Petting Zoo where a variety of animals are cared for, many of whom have been rescued from unfortunate circumstances. You might find yourself visiting our animal friends every day of your stay.
Bonfire 600After enjoying your favorite beverage watching the sun go down from the mountain view patio, you’ll enjoy amazing performances and educational events most evenings after dinner. Our line up includes live music, Moonlight bonfire with a cowboy singer, line dancing lessons, a critter show, and more!


  • PureBioenergy Equine Level One with Zoran Hochstatter – 15 Training Hours

  • Horse Etiquette and Communication – 3 Training Hours

  • 5 days/4 nights Lodging at the beautiful White Stallion Ranch

  • ALL delicious meals – breakfast lunch and dinner – during your stay
  • ALL scheduled retreat activities, daily horseback riding including all riding levels of trail rides, guided hikes, team penning and more!
  • Access to and use of ALL ranch amenities including outdoor pool, hot tub, fitness center, walking grounds, petting zoo, game room and theater
  • Nightly Entertainment – Live Music, Bonfires, Special Guests and More!
  • FREE Shuttle Service from Tucson Airport



You will receive step-by-step instructions for simple bioenergy healing techniques combined within specific protocols to fully practice the method and access the limitless healing potential of Bioenergy for horses.


Working with the biofield, simple techniques to directly optimize the immune system, improve blood circulation and create the transformation necessary for the horses body to self heal on all levels.

Learn to:

Strengthen the immune system
Improve the blood circulation
Quickly eliminate pain
Enhance the functions of a specific organ
These and other techniques are used to treat all conditions, instill wellness or boost peak performance.

PROTOCOLS – no guesswork

The techniques are used within a very simple but precise structure or formula. There is a specific beginning, middle and end for each protocol which lets the therapy easily become second nature to the therapist. No guesswork of when is enough or what to do next thus freeing the therapist from doubt and questioning. Doubt limits all healing. A PureBioenergy therapist is given all the tools to build and maintain confidence in their work. As a therapist, you will trust that when you follow a specific protocol you will be the most effective for the best result for your client. You will not question/doubt the outcome.


State of mind of the therapist – How to “Step Away”

The importance of hand tension

How to keep the energy flowing in the right direction and to

Work long distance even though you are next to the horse

Lots of hands on Practice with many different horses.

Manual of Protocols designed specifically for horses.



Hat with tie string (string required for riding)


Cowboy boots or shoes suitable for riding – smooth soled shoes with a walking heel

or tennis shoes – no hiking boots on horseback!

If you plan to hike, hiking boots

Slip on shoes or flip flops for pool and hot tub use



A variety of loose, comfortable, casual, layered clothing

workout attire if you plan to use fitness center

A light jacket or sweater


Earplugs if you are a light sleeper

your own saddle if you wish



Reusable Water bottle

Any special foods or snacks that you need

Notebook and pen for Seminar

Book (optional)

Headphones (to listen to music on your own if you like)

White Stallion Ranch is the easiest ranch to get to in Arizona!

We are uniquely situated between Phoenix and Tucson, making White Stallion Ranch accessible from Arizona’s two major airports.

35 minutes from Tucson International Airport

1 & 1/2 hours from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Exit off I-10 at #244 Twin Peaks Rd

Depending on your arrival city and duration of stay, several transfer options are available:

Tucson International Airport – FREE transfers for Retreaters

(Shorter stays – $37.00 per transfer)

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – Rental car or

Arizona Shuttle (Our van will pick you up from their Northwest/Ina Road drop-off near the ranch)

Please inquire about custom transfer options and pricing.

If you cancel more than 10 days before the start of the retreat you will receive a refund minus the deposit amount of the chosen retreat option (s).

If you cancel less than 10 days before the retreat there is no refund but we will welcome any replacement that you find for your place or you can apply the amount to one of our future seminars.

You are entitled to a full refund if for some reason we must cancel the retreat.

We are not responsible for airline tickets, hotels costs, other tickets or travel expenses that you may incur as a result of an unlikely event of a retreat cancellation.

We suggest purchasing Travel insurance for any unforeseen circumstances.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ranch Offers Western Saddle Riding

No bareback riding permitted

Free Wifi available on premises

There is a gift shop on premises where you can buy cowboy hats, jeans, sunscreen, souvenirs etc

Vegetarian food and other dietary needs may be accommodated with advance notice

Meals are served buffet style; breakfast may also be made to order in addition to buffet

Tennis Rackets and Balls are available if you would like to play tennis

The Ranch does not permit riders to bring their own horse

No Camping Allowed

Rides go rain or shine except when there’s lightening.

On Sundays there are no riding activities offered at White Stallion Ranch but students will be working with horses during Sunday Training.

White Stallion Ranch offers a free shuttle service to participants flying into Tucson Airport. If you are flying in to Tucson and would like shuttle service, please be sure to let Elizabeth Bell know and email her your flight details.

Upon arrival to Tucson Airport you will make your way to baggage claim.

Your driver will be waiting there with a sign that says White Stallion.

They will only be in the baggage claim area, DO NOT go outside as you will not be able to hear the announcements in the event the driver needs to page you.

If you do not see your driver there, make your way to the General Info area by the baggage claim and they will look for you there as well.

You may be grouped with other arrivals and shuttled together; wait time for your shuttle should not exceed one hour.

If you are flying into Phoenix International Airport you can either rent a car there or make arrangements with Arizona Shuttle to drop you off at Northwest/Ina Road drop off which is close to White Stallion, and their van will come pick you up from there.
MORE on how to use the Arizona Shuttle from Phoenix

If you are flying in to Phoenix and not renting a car, you will need to arrange your shuttle to Tucson through Arizona Shuttle.

Advance reservations are $41 each way, day of reservations are $45 each way. Shuttles depart from airport every hour on the half hour starting at 4:30 am ending at 12:00 am.

When making a reservation please make sure to tell them your end destination is White Stallion Ranch and you need to be dropped At the Ina stop.

A white stallion ranch van should be waiting for you upon arrival. If they are not there at this stop there is an air conditioned trailer you can wait in.

To make a shuttle reservation you can do so online at or call 1-800-888-2749.

Once reservation is made please let Elizabeth Bell know your reservation information to arrange White Stallion van pick up.

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the TEACHER – Zoran Hochstatter

Zoran Hochstätter is widely known as an expert, innovator and advocate of bioenergy healing and is the key educator behind PureBioenergy.

His passion, integrity and straightforward, no-nonsense approach to teaching and healing with PureBioenergy therapy makes this method accessible to everyone, regardless of background, experience or history as a healer.

While his teaching and sharing of this method was primarily aimed towards healing humans, soon he became sought after by horse owners to provide healing for their horses, and began to attract many students who were seeking further teachings on how to apply this method to horses. Zoran saw a great need to introduce this healing process to the equestrian community.

Based on his personal experience healing horses with PureBioenergy, Zoran has developed protocols and techniques specifically for horses.

Treating horses with PureBioenergy is unique and requires a different approach than treating humans and smaller animals.

Read MORE about PureBioenergy HERE >