HEALING for Horses

White Stallion Ranch

PureBioenergy Equine Retreat

Experience the gentle power of horses and the healing power of



White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona

Excited to be back again soon!


Enjoy 5 days learning to heal horses with PureBioenergy in the picturesque Saguaro Cactus landscape of White Stallion Ranch.

The nature of this retreat allows the horse lover the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the equine world for in-depth training on both PureBioenergy technique as it applies to horses, as well as Horse Etiquette and Communication; along with a multitude of horse ranch activities and rides to choose from.

For the Beginner or Advanced Healer or Rider

No prerequisite needed

With PureBioenergy Equine Training, all students, whether new to PureBioenergy or previously trained, will learn all of the aspects and nuances that go into utilizing PureBioenergy with horses.

All teachings will be tailored to all experience levels with both horses and PureBioenergy.

Watch a glimpse of the actual training and what our previous equine retreaters have to say…