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Helping Autism – better sleep, eye contact, more sociable

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“when you’re happy and you know it” – a grandmother helps her autistic granddaughter by using PureBioenergy.

“I continue to be amazed and dazzled by the changes in her.”

I would like to share my experience helping autism with my 3 years old grand- daughter which has been truly remarkable! I observed incredible changes beginning after the first session. One of the most noteworthy effects was a change in her sleeping patterns.

More Sleep

Normally she would go to bed about 12 pm and was up by 4 or 4:30 every morning. After the first session, she slept until almost 8am the next morning. Since then, she has become habitual at retiring about 10 and waking up about 7:30. (My pregnant daughter is delighted with more sleep herself too!)

Making Eye Contact

Another big change we noticed from the second day of therapy is making eye contact. She virtually never did this! And now she will look at each one of us and the length of time she looks at us is increasing all the time.

More Verbal

She has become much more verbal since therapy, and in fact, managed to make a sound for each letter of the whole alphabet about 2 weeks after the therapy finished.

Before that, she only attempted sounds for about 6 or 7 letters. She is also trying to repeat many more words.

Her attention span in most everything seems to have increased and a few days ago we got through the WHOLE song of “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…” AND she clapped and stamped too! This was delightful for my whole family! It has been totally exciting indeed.

An update on my granddaughter after completion of a second treatment.

More Social – Very first time EVER she has participated in a speaking/action activity!

Her second session was done remotely and I was delighted when I returned home and saw her more verbal, more attentive, more social, more everything! But the BEST thing so far (and things just keep getting better and better!!) was yesterday when she took my hand and my daughter’s hand and said “come” so clearly and with intention as she led us into another room and tried to make us sit on the floor with her to play letters.

This is the very first time EVER she has participated in a speaking/action activity! The other major noteworthy point is that she is so much more social now.

She ALMOST NEVER interacted with (or even looked at) anyone before we started Bioenergy Therapy and now it seems like she actually prefers being in the company of us (we are a very large, noisy family) than being only in her own world. Wow! How about that?

From a happy Grandmother who took a Level one and Two PureBioenergy Training with Zoran Hochstatter.