Level one training is for you if…

You want to learn a healing modality that can generate immediate, lasting and consistent results which you can instantly use to help friends, family, and clients upon your return home.

You want a step by step structure to follow that is simple to learn and to practice. (but seriously effective)

You want to help yourself by helping others.

Everything required is built in. No previous training or special abilities are required. It’s a skill everyone can learn.

What you will LEARN

In Level One you will learn detailed instructions and hands-on practice for simple yet powerful bio energy healing techniques along with systematic protocols for specific health conditions.


Working with the biofield, you will learn simple techniques to directly optimize the immune system, improve blood circulation, relieve stress, eliminate pain and to reach a person on a non-conscious plane thus creating the transformation necessary for the body to self-heal on all levels.

Discover how you can use bioenergy ( Life itself ) to

Optimize the immune system thus helping the body return to its state of natural health

Enhance the blood circulation – (where the chi goes so does the blood)

Learn different ways to quickly eliminate pain

Jump start and enhance the functions of a specific organ or area of the body.

Accesses the subconscious and demonstrate the effects of mind over matter by using Psychokinesis. Psychokinesis also shows and makes both therapist and the clie