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You will receive step-by-step instructions for simple bio energy healing techniques combined within specific protocols to fully practice the method and access the limitless healing potential of Bioenergy.

Learning Psychokinesis at a Toronto Level one seminarTechniques

Working with the biofield, 10 simple techniques to directly optimize the immune system, improve blood circulation and to reach a person on a non-conscious plane thus creating the transformation necessary for the body to self heal on all levels.

Learn to:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve the blood circulation
  • Quickly eliminate pain
  • Enhance the functions of a specific organ
  • Access the subconscious by using Psychokinesis

These and other techniques are used to treat all conditions, instill wellness or boost peak performance.

PROTOCOLS – no guesswork

The techniques are used within a very simple but precise structure or formula. There is a specific beginning, middle and end for each protocol which lets the therapy easily become second nature to the therapist. No guesswork of when is enough or what to do next thus freeing the therapist from doubt and questioning. Doubt limits all healing. A PureBioenergy therapist is given all the tools to build and maintain confidence in their work. As a therapist, you will trust that when you follow a specific protocol you will be the most effective for the best result for your client. You will not question/doubt the outcome.


  • State of mind of the therapist – How to “Step Away”
  • The importance of hand tension
  • How to keep the energy flowing in the right direction
  • Why 4 days and 3 chairs
  • Lots of Q & A

PureBioenergy healing seminar in London

LEVEL ONE seminar includes –

  • 20 hours of lectures
  • Hands on workshops (students practice techniques and protocols)

The amount of new knowledge you will receive makes this a learning intensive class.

energy healing course in Los Angeles - PureBioenergy healingSeminars are kept small to insure individual attention for questions and for personal guidance during actual practice. We also provide continuing after seminar support – read more about support ›

LEVEL ONE is a first step on the way to become a Certified PureBioenergy Practitioner and the start of a journey of growth that is possible through serious practice.

What our students are saying…

“You will be able to get outstanding results immediately after the seminar. This isn’t one of those methods where you have to train everyday for months or years to start seeing results. Results are immediate.” – Level Two student

“So far I had great results with headache, lupus, tooth infection, pulled muscles, tumor, osteoarthritis, and every time I do treatment, I feel pure joy.”

“Why I prefer PureBioenergy over other methods –

• Measurable change – often dramatic showing shifts symptoms (as evidenced by both my mom & dad’s first sessions).
• No requirement to visualize anything or ‘imagine” anything – in fact just the opposite is required.
• Specific protocol rather than “feeling” when something is done or reaching for what you hope is the right “tool” or “technique”.

Watch a video of a student’s results after a Level One London Seminar

Daughter helps Dad overcome a serious lung condition with Bioenergy healing

LEARN the method to help your family and friends, benefit from self-growth and/or begin a new vocation healing with PureBioenergy.

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