Dogs love energy healingYour animal friend is also a living Biofield and like a person is constantly communicating with his/her environment. Their wellbeing is thus constantly changing. Any energetic imbalance can manifest itself as a disease and PureBioenergy can restore the proper bioenergetic information to your pet.

Unlike most people, animals naturally acknowledge the Life force necessary for their healthy existence. They sense the need for what energy healing can do for them. They willingly participate in the therapy without any hindrance of fear or doubt. Animals have no belief system blockages and thus easily respond to bioenergy therapy.

Cats benefit from energy healingAnimals can benefit in a number of ways from PureBioenergy –

  • Reduce pain and discomfort from any long term illness and condition your pet may suffer from.
  • Alleviate pain and stiffness (which is very common in older pets)
  • Help a pet to overcome negative emotions such as aggression, fear and anxiety and any other behavioral issues they may suffer from.
  • Make it easier for animals who have suffered neglect or abuse to recover from their trauma
  • Address any compulsive disorders a pet may be prone to such as paw chewing or compulsive scratching.
  • Help show or competitive animals such as dogs and horses, improve their physical and mental performance.
  • Reduce pain and discomfort and help alleviate any long term illness and condition your pet may suffer from.
  • Improve your pet’s immune system, for better resistance to disease and illness.
  • Help any pet become happier thus more emotionally and physically stable.
  • Relax a pet to easily settle into a new home or surroundings.
  • Speed up recovery time from surgery or wounds.

“My cutest client was Gabe the Cat with high blood sugar (over 520 mg/dl) and some skin problems. After first day his blood sugar level drop to 325, second to 130, 3rd went up to 200, and after 4th day it was normal. From Gabe’s “Mom” three weeks later “He’s absolutely a new guy”

 Knowing PureBioenergy is valuable for:

Anyone who has an animal Friend


Animal shelters

Animal rescue workers


Horse trainers


Stable owners

Zoo workers


LEARN to help your family and friends, benefit from self-growth and/or begin a new vocation healing with PureBioenergy.