Family members and friends helping each other is part of the beauty of using the PureBioenergy Healing at home.

From simple problems like relieving the pain of a simple headache to serious conditions like autism, Parkinson’s, or diabetes, the Method is always there for you to use for your family and friends.

“It’s like having an (energetic) medicine cabinet filled with every remedy, literally at your finger tips”

Its very empowering and comforting to be able to help your children, husband, wife or parent feel better in a natural and safe way – without the help of over the counter drugs or the even more invasive possibilities.

From a student after Level one about her DAD

“The doctor said his illness is not curable but after 2 (4 day) sessions (of therapy), his doctor told my Dad that he can stop taking his medicine and the most important part is he is feeling really good and healthy”

Use bioenergy healing for those everyday aches and pains like- your daughter’s nervous tummy before exams or your husband’s headache before that big meeting. (after Level two you can even do this even while he is away on business)

From a Level two student who practiced long distance from California

“My girlfriend’s 8 month old nephew was in the hospital, in Mexico, with a severe lung infection. He’s been in and out of the hospital since he was born. After three days of doing treatments, he was released from the hospital. His Father said that he seemed perfectly healthy!”

And it’s also easy to keep family and friends “in tune” with regular “wellness” therapy.

Zoran teaches a husband how to help his wife with MS

A husband learns PureBioenergy healing to help his wife with MS

LEARN the method to help your family and friends, benefit from self-growth and/or begin a new vocation healing with PureBioenergy.

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