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What are Bioenergy Life Centers/Projects?

Bioenergy Life Center - Domancic Method of Bionergy healingThe Bioenergy Life Center offers the public an opportunity to experience PureBioenergy as an unique, safe, highly effective and inexpensive solution to any health condition – be it – simple or serious, long term or chronic illness or injury.

What we offer…

  • Bioenergy Healing Events/Projects
  • Document Results to create public awareness

How does the Healing event or project work?

Our healing events are open to anyone of any age who is diagnosed with any health issues.

Each event will offer participants 4 sessions of  Bioenergy therapy ( one full treatment)

Each participant will receive one individual 20 – 30 minute Bioenergy session each day for 4 consecutive days. Each session will be given within the supportive and uplifting group environment of the therapists and other participants.

Zoran Hochstatter or an experienced PureBioenergy Pro therapist will lead each group event.

Our Mission

To raise public awareness, explore and document the benefits of  ( PURE ) Bioenergy on health and well being through Bioenergy healing events and to organize Bioenergy Life Centers in communities throughout the world.

Bioenergy Life Center Coming Events

For Schedules and to Register for an event   > CLICK HERE

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