One to One

Can be practiced in person, on a one to one basis, by a PureBioenergy practitioner or at home by family members or friends.

In a Group

In a the environment of a group, healing is optimized by –

A Supportive Atmosphere:

A supportive atmosphere in a casual, light hearted, non-medical environment helps to relax the participants and helps them become more receptive to the healing process. (this is true for in the home practice also)

Witnessing the Success of Others

Being able to witness and realize the healing process taking place in others supports and confirms the fact to the client that this can also happen to them.

Science has proven that by boosting belief and expectation a person can change their own physiology, including gene expression, in such a way that natural healing occurs.

Greater than the Sum of its Parts

The effect of experienced practitioners working together, their interaction within the group, intensifies and quickens the healing process and through amplification and energetic memory adds to the success of the event.

As the group develops its own unique force, the effect becomes many times stronger than the sum of its parts.

The emerging benefits are magnified becoming more immediate and powerful.

At a Distance

When people needing help are far away, you can practice PureBioenergy non locally  (at a distance) with consistent and powerful results.

“We have to understand that distance is a privilege of a restricted mind. In the dimension from which we are affecting a person, distance doesn’t exist.”

Some scientists, like Dean Radin (from our documentary THINK ABOUT IT), believe the power of intention is stronger at a distance making it easier for the therapist to step aside and let the energy work. Long distance therapy is a valuable tool for a professional therapist or to work on family members who live far away.

“My 84 year old remote client in Bangkok, Thailand was in the hospital for surgery to remove a stomach tumor. The doctors were delaying out of concern for a “leaky heart valve”. So, in order to evaluate further, he was transferred from his small local hospital to a medical center in Bangkok. That is when I was introduced to him via his niece in Los Angeles, and began one full treatment of the therapy. Upon being admitted to the medical center and further testing, the doctor informed the client that his tumor was nowhere to be found, the surgery was cancelled, and that he was free to return home. The niece informed me that in her phone calls with her uncle he sounded like a different person, younger, with more energy than she had heard in years. He reported to her that all the stomach discomfort that he had felt after eating meals was vastly improved even after the first treatment.”  Linda B. in LA

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