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Peripheral Neuropathy from Chemo GONE with Bioenergy Healing

A  journey of healing Peripheral Neuropathy using Bioenergy Therapy. "Two years ago I developed breast cancer and through chemotherapy and radiation and all this was very harmful for me and was a very bad experience where I lost my hair, I had no energy and I developed something called Peripheral Neuropathy as one of the side effects [...]


Bio Energy Therapy brings REAL Relief for PTSD Victims

PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ), is not just a problem for military veterans but also for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and other crimes, along with survivors of severe accidents and acute life-threatening illness. Over the past several months I have had the opportunity to provide PureBioenergy (an energy medicine modality) for many clients, both civilian [...]


My dog saved from kidney failure by Bioenergy Healing

HEYBOY story….my 8 year old German Shepherd adopted from an overcrowded rescue facility saved from kidney failure by Bioenergy Healing. Back in October, our dog, HeyBoy got really sick - extreme lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea.  We made an appointment at the vet but had to wait 3 days.  On the night before his appointment, I [...]


Reverse Sjogren’s syndrome with Bioenergy healing

Son helps his Mom using distance Bioenergy healing. My mother was 85 when I stared to treat her for Sjogren's syndrome. (For the record, the personal reason I took Level 2, was so that I could treat her condition - it is considered to be unrecoverable, and typically the symptoms worsen and make the patient becomes more uncomfortable [...]