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5 ways PureBioenergy Healing can Empower Every Horse Owner

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A few of the many ways you can use PureBioenergy to help HEAL your horse…

PureBioenergy Healing for Horses truly empowers horse owners, trainers and vets with a powerful healing modality that they have at their fingertips ( literally ) to use whenever they need, in order to provide both immediate, lasting and positive healing results, that makes for happier, healthier horses!

Common horse ailments, chronic pain, and illnesses often deemed incurable are now able to be eased and reversed using PureBioenergy. It is simple to learn and easy to perform, horses love it and the best part is – it WORKS!

1. Colic and Digestive Issues

When your horse comes down with colic, every second counts. PureBioenergy is able to alleviate and ease Colic in emergency situations, and it is something a horse owner can have at their fingertips to use while waiting for the vet to come. The use of PureBioenergy has even helped horses avoid the need for surgery in these instances. In addition, PureBioenergy is something that can be used regularly to help prevent colic and other emergency situations, and also works to ease and reverse digestive issues such as ulcers, bloating, hind gut issues, and lack of appetite.           

2. Chronic Pain – Arthritis, Injuries 

It is a heart-wrenching experience to watch your horse suffer in pain and not be able to do anything to help them. With PureBioenergy horse owners and trainers can immediately begin to help reduce, ease and often times eliminate chronic pain for their horses, as well as help improve and speed up healing time for their injuries. PureBioenergy can relieve inflammation and swelling, naturally, increase the synovial fluid to help lubricate joints, and rebuild cartilage.                 

3. Anxiety & Stress

For the stressed out horse, PureBioenergy is a powerful solution to eliminate anxiety and tension so that your horse can relax. PureBioenergy therapists often speak of the sudden sense of relief they feel from their horses when they begin using this healing method with them. Often, very tense horses will completely relax and drop their heads as they begin to receive the therapy. This and other common responses from the horses indicate to us that they are instantly benefiting from receiving PureBioenergy.

4. Behavioral Problems and Bad Habits

Whether it’s cribbing, rearing, bucking, weaving, inattention, hyperactivity, depression, fear aggression or nipping, PureBioenergy eases and restores the psyche of the horse to eliminate these habits and create long lasting behavioral changes so they reduce drastically in frequency or vanish altogether.

5. Strengthening Your Bond with Your Horse

Using PureBioenergy with your horse allows you to connect in a way that strengthens your trust and your bond with one another. Horses are sensitive to energy and when you connect with them through PureBioenergy you are essentially able to reach them on a level that they already understand. Our equine therapists often share about how utilizing this modality has benefited and improved their relationship with their horse; that they have developed a deeper understanding, level of trust and bonding with their horse, that has benefitted them both in the stall and in the saddle.

PureBioenergy provides in an ‘All In One’ solution so you can help heal your own horse or expand your practice as an Equine therapist.

Here’s how you can learn Purebioenergy for Horses and begin right away to help your equine friends.

1. Join the official teacher of PureBioenergy, Zoran Hochstatter for his next PureBioenergy Equine Training Retreat at the beautiful White Stallion Ranch October 13 – 17 2019.   


2. Read the testimonials of horse owners that are using PureBioenergy with their horses and seeing incredible results! Read here: Horse Owners Provide Healing to their Horses

What is PureBioenergy®?

With the use of specific, structured protocols, PureBioenergy speeds up healing and recovery time and optimizes the biofield ( energy body ) to reverse illness, and provides healing for both common and uncommon mental, physical and emotional issues that can affect every living body. PureBioenergy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive, safe and proven method that anyone can learn. It requires no needles, no special tools, nothing to ingest, no physical manipulation of bones or muscles; it is easy to learn with no previous knowledge or experience necessary.