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Practitioner Experience

//Practitioner Experience
  • PureBioenergy healing horses

5 ways PureBioenergy Healing can Empower Every Horse Owner

A few of the many ways you can use PureBioenergy to help HEAL your horse... PureBioenergy Healing for Horses truly empowers horse owners, trainers and vets with a powerful healing modality that they have at their fingertips ( literally ) to use whenever they need, in order to provide both immediate, lasting and positive healing results, that makes for happier, [...]

  • becoming a healer

Life in My Hands; Healing Myself, Healing Others

From teenage mother to soldier to healer…from small town Maine to Iraq to the Pentagon... A journey that led to being healed and then becoming a healer. The new book, "Life in My Hands; Healing Myself, Healing Others" by Darcy Hotchkiss along with PureBioenergy are featured in an award winning blog called womenaroundtown, here is an except from the feature article: “After [...]