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Life in My Hands; Healing Myself, Healing Others

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From teenage mother to soldier to healer…from small town Maine to Iraq to the Pentagon…

A journey that led to being healed and then becoming a healer.

The new book, “Life in My Hands; Healing Myself, Healing Others” by Darcy Hotchkiss along with PureBioenergy are featured in an award winning blog called womenaroundtown, here is an except from the feature article:

“After trying in vain to get treated in The Hague, a friend took Darcy to Paris. While the doctors there were able to diagnose her injuries, a cortisone shot in her spine just made matters worse. One of the doctors suggested she try alternative forms of medicine to relieve her pain.

Thus began her search for help which finally led her to Zoran Hochstatter in London the founder of a healing modality called PureBioenergy Therapy.

Darcy not only scheduled a healing session with Hochstatter, but also signed up for his training class. Zoran sported a white beard and long, white, shoulder-length hair; He looked like a healer, but was wearing normal clothes – a T-shirt and blue jeans. When he approached her, Darcy rattled off her long list of ailments.

After saying, Is that it? he turned on some classic rock and went to work.

Darcy recalls swaying and rocking as he waved his hands around her. The movement was involuntary, out of my control, she writes.

When it was over, Darcy felt peaceful and calm. After a second day of therapy, she woke up realizing that for the first time she had slept a full eight hours; there was no pain in her back or her hip.

Attending Zoran’s training session, she was energized with the possibility of helping others heal.

“Upon returning to Holland, it was hard to conceal my excitement about how good I was feeling,” she writes.

“For the first time in almost a year I was walking upright, without a limp.”

Others noticed and Darcy began to use what she had learned from Zoran.

Initially, my intent was to help others heal, but I eventually understood that each person I helped was also helping me, she writes. By allowing me to co-create wellness and health with others, the process took me outside of myself.

It got me out of my own head by focusing on being of service to someone in need.

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