Mom helps her son with the Domancic Method of Bio energy healingA PureBioenergy therapist’s experience – Over the course of the past year, I have provided PureBioenergy for a growing number of children with a PANS or PANDAS diagnosis. Bioenergy healing provides real relief to children and their families during flare ups of the condition, as well as afterwards when they want to take further steps to improve their child’s overall immune system.    Since the method works by addressing the overall health of the client, working with children having an active PANS flare has a lasting impact on their immune system even after the flare is over.

What is PANS or PANDAS?

Both acronyms describe a neuropsychiatric condition that comes on suddenly and severely in children.   Some research indicates that exposure to strep or other infections can make a child susceptible or actually trigger a flare, but the understanding of PANS is still evolving.   Typically, parents describe a flare as one or all of the following:

    • Tics – vocal or physical
    • Intense anxiety and fears
    • Severe OCD
    • Total loss of appetite
    • Rapid mood swings
    • Bed wetting
    • Temper tantrums or rages
    • Fatigue
    • Sometimes bodily pain like swollen glands, headaches, gut pain, or back pain

Often treated with antibiotics, families tell me the drugs seem to provide less relief each time.  Their focus then shifts to avoiding future flares, but since the exact triggers are unknown and can vary from child to child, avoiding all possible triggers  becomes extremely life limiting.

Families want REAL HEALING

The families I work with are looking for something more.  Real healing for their children.  Stronger (optimized) immune systems to manage any triggering events.   Normal childhoods.

They turn to PureBioenergy to help boost their child’s immune system and then find so much more than that in terms of stopping flares, reducing their intensity, and slowing down how quickly they come on.

Using Bioenergy healing/therapy

I provide therapy based on set protocols, addressing the issues specific to each child.  Therapy takes place one time per day, usually for 20 minutes, over 4 consecutive days.  The therapy then builds in strength for another 8 to 10 days.

During the full course of therapy, families see improvements