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New kind of Health Enhancing First-Aid to Comfort Kids at any Time

//New kind of Health Enhancing First-Aid to Comfort Kids at any Time

Immediate Relief from Pain & Discomfort

Since attending my level 1 course, I have enjoyed working on my kids to give them immediate relief from pain and discomfort.

Son’s Headaches Gone

I have been able to completely alleviate my son’s headaches in just one session. I have been able to help my daughter with clogged ears/ear congestion, and she reported hearing a “crackling” noise in her ears I did the ear protocol.

Earache Pain Relief

One particular example stands out in my mind – one night my son was suffering from ear pain. I had tried a number of things to help him, including elevating his head on pillows, giving him a hot water bottle and even a hot onion compress, but I did not want to give him medication if I could avoid it. When he woke up for the third time in the middle of the night, crying from pain, I decided do Purebioenergy.

He went from crying at the beginning of the session, to reporting that his ear pain was completely gone and he was ready to go back to sleep, at the end of the session 15 minutes later. After that, he stayed asleep all night, and was much better the next day.

I recently had a similar experience with my daughter, who woke up crying with ear pain. This time around, I skipped the hot compresses, and just did bioenergy right off the bat. Her pain was gone and she slept soundly through the night.

Helping Autism

Although I got trained in Purebioenergy for my son’s autism – which we continue to treat him for, and he is improving – although it is a longer process – it has been very encouraging to see both kids improve so rapidly and markedly through bioenergy treatments, and I have discovered a new kind of health-enhancing first-aid which I can offer to comfort them at any time.

You too can learn how to “simply” help children whether your own or as clients using PureBioenergy.