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My dog saved from kidney failure by Bioenergy Healing

//My dog saved from kidney failure by Bioenergy Healing

HEYBOY story….my 8 year old German Shepherd adopted from an overcrowded rescue facility saved from kidney failure by Bioenergy Healing.

Back in October, our dog, HeyBoy got really sick – extreme lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea.  We made an appointment at the vet but had to wait 3 days.  On the night before his appointment, I felt as though he was literally dying.  So at midnight, we rushed him to the emergency animal hospital.

His kidney levels were through the roof.  He was diagnosed with chronic renal failure.

The vet told us he’d be lucky to live a few more months, but most likely (based upon his blood work) it would be a matter of weeks.

I had just returned from Level I ( Bioenergy healing training ) in Sarasota and when the doctor left the room, I told my husband that I didn’t believe one word of the doctor’s prognosis and knew that this condition could be reversed.  HeyBoy was put on intravenous fluids and the following morning was transferred to our local vet clinic.  He continued his intravenous fluids for the next two days and we brought him home.

Immediately, I started doing Bioenergy healing on him.  After the first week, his blood work was redone, and all his levels had dropped into acceptable, although not normal, ranges.  We were hopeful but he was still lethargic, had lost 9 pounds, wasn’t interested in eating, and still required subcutaneous fluids under the skin daily.  I continued Bioenergy after waiting the 7 days.  He definitely started feeling better, but was far from being perky and alert.  I had to be out of town during the first week of October, so I made arrangements for Zoran to work on him long distance during my absence.

HeyBoy had more blood work done after Zoran’s sessions and the blood levels had continued to improve to near normal ranges… And HeyBoy was gaining his weight back.  YAY!

He also started getting VERY verbal and his language comprehension increased dramatically.  He seemed to already know certain words we didn’t even know he knew like “toy” and “bone.”  And he started to want to play.

Late this afternoon, his blood results came in from the blood that was tested again.  ALL blood levels are in the mid-normal range.  ALL OF THEM!!!!!!.

His conjunctivitis in his left eye (eye therapy protocol) and his bloody diarrhea (intestinal protocol) and his aggressiveness (psychogenic protocol) had completely cleared up – forgot to mention these issues.

And he is wagging his tail over every little thing.

It’s awesome to walk this walk with him.

***Note: We adopted this beautiful 8 year old German Shepherd mix from an overcrowded rescue facility on August 1st of this year.  He had been there for 3 years.

Kim Calkins practices Purebioenergy healing.